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On The Issues


I am committed to supporting our schools. We need representatives in Annapolis that will fight for every dollar to provide our kids with a quality education and maintain and update some of our aging school facilities.

Attracting great teachers is a critical part of educating our kids. With an increased long-term investment and opportunities of advancement, we can offer better compensation to attract and retain talent.

Declining enrollment hurts funding for our schools, disrupts communities, and creates stress for students and parents.

It also results in school closures and leads to overcrowding in schools which means larger class sizes and difficult learning environments. I am committed to taking action to grow enrollment, so school closure is a thing of the past.

Health Care

1. Maryland should be the gold standard for providing quality and affordable health coverage to its citizens. We need to take every measure possible to ensure that ALL of our residents have access to life-saving and preventative care. Beginning the first steps towards a health care for all initiative is critical.

2. Although often lumped in with criminal justice – our opioid epidemic is a health care issue. We can’t treat addiction without adequate health coverage. We must:

– Provide treatment options for addiction
– Address overprescribing of opioids and ID bad docs
– Provide access to Narcan and pain-alternatives
– Fully fund local health departments

3. I will fight to protect reproductive rights as your delegate in Annapolis.


I am pro-business. I know all too well the uphill struggles small businesses face. Legislation must be done in collaboration with local business, not on its back.

Equal work deserves Equal pay. Maryland has made some good strides in recent years, but there is more that we can do.

We must to raise the minimum wage to a livable wage. It can be done responsibly and collaboratively with local business.

Growing Carroll

I will work with small business, our Commissioners, local communities, and my colleagues in the legislature to implement plans that help Carroll grow- allowing our county to stay vibrant, and a place that young families want to make home, all while maintaining our rural community.

Family Values

I support families of every size, shape, and form.


Annapolis has fully become a political machine, and it needs to be broken. I want to bring renewed leadership to the House of Delegates that isn’t beholden to any one party or any one leader, but only to the residents of Carroll County and the state of Maryland.

I also pledge to serve no more than two terms in the House of Delegates. Career politicians who spend 30+ years in the legislature lose focus on the critical issues that face the state, and are too constantly worried about re-election.

Members of both parties are a part of the machine in Annapolis. It is time for new representation.