Letter: Shank is a Responsive Candidate for House of Delegates

2018-08-06T18:50:19+00:00July 16th, 2018|News|

Emily Shank is a mother, lawyer, candidate for Maryland House of Delegates, and much more. She has run a campaign on the issues which will most benefit the people of Carroll County. Haven Shoemaker, on the other hand, has found it necessary to write into the Carroll County Times attacking her character and morals. Since when has being a proud member of an organization, which supports free speech by anyone, no matter their belief, become a problem in America? Haven Shoemaker spends an entire article railing against Democrats and then asking them for their vote as he has done a “good job of reflecting the values of Carroll County’s folks down in Annapolis.” What has Mr. Shoemaker done for the good folks of Carroll County? I have no clue, does anybody? Seems the only time I hear this man speak is when he is ranting about problems he conjures up in his head. Haven Shoemaker is happy to ask for our help when an election is coming up, but he can’t seem to respond to us any other time. Try contacting Emily Shank, you write her a message on Facebook and within a few hours you have a thought-out, coherent response that makes you feel listened to. It really is great to have a person who wants to represent you care about your opinion. There are still a few months left until the election on Nov. 6 and I hope Mr. Shoemaker will do a better job in the future of explaining what he has and plans to do in the House of Delegates and pays more attention to the issues that truly affect Carroll County and spend less time instilling anger into people. I know Emily Shank will continue listening and will fight for all Carroll County citizens if elected. One last thing Mr. Shoemaker, Emily Shank is not just some “lady” put up by the Democratic party to run against you. She is a strong woman who chose to run for the House of Delegates to keep Carroll County the beautiful and amazing place it has always been and to make it better for everyone.

Ryan Koch

Originally published in Carroll County Times (July 16, 2018)