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Emily Shank and Peter Franchot

Comptroller Peter Franchot

Like Comptroller Franchot, I am committed to bipartisanship and people over party. That is why I am honored to have his endorsement.

Carroll County Education Association

Improving our schools was a driving force in my decision to run for office. I’m honored to be endorsed by our local teachers! Together we are going to create a world class education for our kids- not just because it’s the American promise, but because we know that a well educated society is a more prosperous one.

Maryland State Education Association

I’m incredibly proud to be endorsed by teachers and I look forward to working with them to create world class schools!


I am excited to receive the endorsement of AFSCME MD. As the largest union for state and higher education employees, representing over 30,000 public employees across the State of Maryland, protecting public services, and the middle class, I am proud to stand with them.

Maryland State and District of Columbia AFL-CIO

I am so proud to receive the endorsement of Maryland State and District of Columbia AFL-CIO. I’m the daughter of a small business owner- it’s time we stop pitting business against workers! Unions are good for business and their communities! I can’t wait to work for fair pay, encouraging trade skills, job safety, and collective bargaining!

sierra club endorsement

Sierra Club

I’m so pleased to have received endorsement by the Sierra Club! I’m proud to stand with them in advocating for our environment.

Maryland’s League of Conservation Voters

I am proud to stand with Maryland’s League of Conservation Voters as we seek to preserve our natural resources. I am honored to receive their endorsement and look forward to advocating for a clean and healthy environment while maintaining our agricultural identity.

Public Interest Podcast

Proud to announce that I’ve been endorsed by the Public Interest Podcast – who promotes transparent, inclusive democracy and fosters positive civil discourse.

Run for Something

Run for something is an innovative group whose goal is to promote progressive values. I am proud to stand with them and receive their endorsement.


As a former member of Law Students for Reproductive Justice & a member of Planned Parenthood, I am honored to receive NARAL’s endorsement. I will continue to stand for & fight for reproductive health & justice.

Certifications & Distinctions

Moms Demand Action

As a mom, gun violence is one of my biggest fears for my children. I became a member of Moms Demand Action a couple years ago because their work is so crucial. I am SO PROUD to receive their Gun Sense Candidate Distinction. I believe we can live in a world where the second amendment and decreased gun violence co-exist because of common sense laws. (Please note, Moms Demand Action does not endorse candidates.)

This campaign is funded BY THE PEOPLE. I’m pleased to be small money certified!